Hands up who wants it to rain on their next outdoor event? That’s right we didn’t think so – no one wants it to rain on your outdoor event but you do have to have wet weather backup plans in place in case it does! (And preferably not one that you made up the day before the event!). Strong planning is key to all events and a backup or plan B is essential in the initial planning stages of all outdoor events.


Have you held an event that was cancelled due to weather?

Did you experience lower than expected attendance numbers at your last event because it rained?

Have you ever tried to book a marquee the day before (or day of!) a rainy day?


Introducing a wet weather backup plan can be as simple as ensuring there is an undercover area available for your event or as complex as making alternate plans for all elements of your event. It isn’t just about the venue for the event itself, rain can hamper arrival options, movement during the event and alter elements of your event. Rain can severely hamper the attendance numbers at your next event so why let your event suffer due to weather outside of your control? When selecting the best venue for your event you must always consider your wet weather options. The video below covers some ways that you can put in place a wet weather plan for your next event.¬†