Site Inspections are a must when planning an event, especially if your event has multiple elements or specific requirements. We give you 4 regularly missed venue site inspection tips to assist! No one wants to be visiting the same venue over and over again because you forgot to check something – and the venue doesn’t want to have to host you multiple times for the same event!

Have you done a venue site inspection only to realise you forgot to check something that you really needed to see?

How many times have you tried to do venue directional signage and realised you didn’t know which way to point the arrow?

Have you done multiple visits to the same venue because you neglected to view that part the first time?

Did you visit multiple venues on the same day and now they are all blurring into one?

We know that there are so many elements to consider when deciding on the perfect venue for your upcoming event. Here are 4 venue site inspection tips on commonly forgotten items to look for when conducting your site inspection – this is by no means an extensive list, just a few tips on things people often forget to look for.

We also recommend videoing the rooms you are using as well as the corridors etc that you took to arrive there. This will assist with way finding signage later down the track and can help you remember little elements. Another thing to remember is that often venues include their “upgrade extra’s” in their photos on the website. It always pays to take your own photos and video’s onsite so that you can see what it looks like in real life and determine what you may need to add to make your event POP.

If you need some assistance with how to select the venues in the first place please visit our Blog – “6 simple steps for selecting your event venue”.