Roadshow Events

Roadshow Events are an effective way to get your message out to a wide audience without incurring additional travel costs for your attendees. Generally utilising the same speakers and team, roadshow events are able to travel to a sequence of different cities (& even countries) presenting the same event across a number of different venues.

If a roadshow is not executed well across all locations, it creates inconsistency in the message being delivered. This may result in your event performance indicators not being met. This is where Events Outsourced steps in – we work with you to ensure that the only thing that differs between cities is the audience and the venue the event is held in.

Below is an infographic detailing the main elements of a successful roadshow. One element that is not listed in the infographic is Registration. When planning roadshow events you need to ensure that you have a good ticketing system in place so as not to create confusion for your attendees. There are many ticketing systems to select from – Eventbrite, Floktu & Humanitix to name a few. It’s important to ensure that the system you select meets your requirements so we recommend doing your research. Check out our Blog on selecting a ticketing system here. 

Roadshow Event Infographic

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