roadshow EVENTS

Struggling to maintain consistency across your roadshow event locations?

Worry that you are wasting money on transporting items from one location to the next?

Feeling stressed trying to coordinate the venue availability, flights, speaker availability and supplier availability across multiple states?

Roadshow Events are an effective way to get your message out to a wide audience. All without incurring additional travel costs for your attendees. Generally utilising the same speakers and team, roadshow events are able to travel to a sequence of different cities (& even countries) presenting the same event across a number of different venues.


If a roadshow is not executed well across all locations, it creates inconsistency in the message being delivered. Which may result in your event objectives not being met. This is where Events Outsourced steps in. We work with you to ensure that the only thing that differs between cities is the audience and the venue the event is held in.

Below are some of the elements of a successful roadshow that we can assist with.


When planning roadshow events you need to ensure that you have a good ticketing system in place. This will ensure you don’t create confusion for your attendees. There are many ticketing systems to select from – Eventbrite, Floktu & Humanitix to name a few. It’s important to ensure that the system you select meets your requirements so we recommend doing your research. Check out our Blog on selecting the right ticketing system for your event for tips.

Venue Selection & Management

This is one of the most important elements of your roadshow success and there is so much to consider. It is not just about finding a venue that will hold the desired number of people for your conference. You also need to consider elements such as natural light, ease of access, vicinity of breakout spaces, budget -the list is endless! And with a roadshow, you need to do it all multiple times. Not to mention ensuring that the availability lines up with the proposed roadshow schedule. Makes you stressed just thinking about it doesn’t it!

Conference Venue Sourcing

Speaker Coordination & Management

Often considered to be the pillars of your conference, speakers do a stellar job onstage. However there can be a lot of organisation required in the lead up to the event. Especially when you are looking at taking them “on the road”. Some speakers will have specific travel and other requirements. If you have a large number of speakers it can equate to a lot of time being spent coordinating them all. Allow us to take away the stress and do all of the speaker management for you.


Supplier Selection & Management

Roadshows are a series of events carried out over multiple locations. However just because they are held in different cities or states doesn’t mean that the overall look and feel of the event should be different. Events Outsourced will source suppliers in each of the cities who can carry out the show in a similar manner with similar equipment. This will ensure consistency throughout the roadshow. Or alternatively we can arrange for one supplier to travel with you on tour to further ensure consistency & reduce briefing time.

Conference Venue Sourcing


Roadshows involve moving people (and often equipment/signage) across the country and this takes some serious logistics. Especially if you start switching speakers for various locations etc. You may think that the cheapest way is to use the same banners and other equipment in all of the locations. However once you factor in the freight costs etc. this can sometimes not be the case. Allow Events Outsourced to do the hard work for you, saving you time and money.


Roadshows can be a fantastic way to reach more people than could be achieved with a single event. However you do need to ensure the message is consistent across the events. Engage Events Outsourced for your next roadshow and you can be certain that your message will remain consistent and the events will be streamlined.

I highly recommend Events Outsourced for your next event. I have worked with them on several events, including one very big project. Celia & her team have fantastic attention to detail and exceptional project management skills. Not only that, Celia also has a strategic focus and is great at looking at the bigger picture and providing ideas to boost your business. She is easy to deal with and gets along well with everyone.

Caroline Bagga

Owner, Hills District Business Mums