Conferences are a fantastic way to educate and motivate a large number of people in a relatively short period of time. When looking at how to plan a conference, you need to consider multiple details. A successful conference involves coordinating many elements to ensure they meet the needs of organisers, delegates and other stakeholders. 

When you are planning a successful conference it is important to first decide on the outcomes/goals for the event. This will allow you to accurately assess the event at the conclusion. It will also help you understand where you should be focusing the majority of your budget. We have written a Blog on 3 Tips to inspire and motivate your event attendees – click here for some tips. We have also come across this great article from Eventbrite on “Examples of SMART goals for Event Planners” which may be helpful.

When you are clear on your event objectives, you need to then move on to the mechanics of the event – where, when, how and who. Below is an infographic of some key elements to consider when looking at how to plan a conference.  Events Outsourced can assist with a particularly stressful element of your conference, or we can plan the entire event with you. 

Conference Elements

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