Conferences are a fantastic way to educate and motivate a large number of people in a relatively short period of time. But how do you plan a successful conference? Planning a successful conference involves coordinating many elements to ensure they function well and meet the needs of organisers, delegates and other stakeholders. 

When you look to plan a successful conference it is important to first decide on the outcomes/goals for the event. This will not only allow you to accurately assess the event at the conclusion, it will also help you understand where you should be focusing the majority of your budget. We have written a Blog on 3 Tips to inspire and motivate your event attendees – click here for some tips. We have also come across this great article from Eventbrite on “Examples of SMART goals for Event Planners” which may be helpful.

We can take care of everything for you, to ensure an event you can be proud of. Below are some elements to consider when you plan a successful conference.

Each conference is different but they all share common elements. Events Outsourced can assist you with all of the elements listed or alternatively we can assist with only one or two of these elements for your conference.

Venue Selection & Management

This can be one of the most important element of your conference success and there is so much to consider. It is not just about finding a venue that will hold the desired number of people for your conference, you also need to consider elements such as natural light, ease of access, vicinity of breakout spaces -the list is endless. Once you have selected the venue there is the added stress of ensuring you can make it fit with your budget and requirements. We can assist with all elements of venue selection and negotiation to ensure you look like a pro and all of your conference needs are looked after.

Supplier Selection & Negotiation

When we speak about suppliers for conferences, most often we will be talking about the AV suppliers however there can be many other suppliers involved (team building etc). The technical requirements can be a minefield of large expenses, especially if you are not familiar with the equipment and what each item is used for. Save yourself the confusion and excess expenses by allowing Events Outsourced to source and negotiate the suppliers for your event.



Schedule Planning

Do you need to have multiple streams for your conference? Would your delegates benefit from breakout sessions? Do you need to allow for an early finish on any of the days? Allow Events Outsourced to assist you with planning your schedule at your next conference – we can work with you to ensure your conference has large impact and that your delegates walk away with clear “take home” messages.

Speaker Coordination & Management

Often considered to be the pillars of your conference, speakers often do a stellar job onstage but there can be a lot of organisation required in the leadup to the event. Some speakers will have specific travel and other requirements and if you have a large number of speakers it can equate to a lot of time being spent coordinating them all. Not to mention needing to be on top of all of the technical requirements that speakers can have and compiling the slide decks – appoint us as your speaker liaison and we can take care of all of this for you.


Registration for your conference is a key element of your event – not only does it allow you to monitor expected attendance at your event, it is also the first engagement your attendee has with your event. Make sure you get it right! There are many elements to consider when planning the registration methods for your conference and if any elements are missed it can result in a bad attendee experience at the event.



Onsite Conference Manager

Have you been onsite at a previous conference and felt overwhelmed by the number of demands placed on you? Have you struggled to ensure all suppliers and venue staff are completing their designated tasks at the designated times? Do you feel you would benefit more from the time to interact with the delegates rather than running around? Events Outsourced will be onsite at your event attending to your every need and ensuring everything is running according to schedule.

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