Struggling to work out how to engage both audiences at your hybrid event?
Stressed that your current online events are not meeting expectations?
Unsure how to adjust your virtual or hybrid event to ensure it meets event objectives?
Yes – Virtual and hybrid events are stressful! It’s difficult to know how to engage both your virtual audience and your live audience at the same time. We completely understand and are here to make your event life easier and (dare we say it!) stress-free! Contact us now to discuss how we can ensure your audience don’t want to leave – even for a toilet break!


Why should you run online events?
In times of uncertainty, staying connected is more important than ever. Events have always been a fantastic way to do this and they still can be, but with a twist. There are many stakeholders who are feeling disconnected and unsure. Finding a way to keep things as normal as possible will help everyone.
Many businesses and organisations have made the decision to postpone their events. However this is a short-term solution to what is proving to be a long-term problem. How long is too long to postpone your event – 3months, 6months? There is a lot of uncertainty around how long this pandemic will last. Now is the time to be innovative in looking at online events solutions.
An online event isn’t a matter of popping your keynote speaker on a video call instead and hoping for the best. There are a range of things that need to consideration when planning an online or hybrid event.
What is the difference between a virtual event and a hybrid event?
A virtual event allows you to deliver your event online. These events are streamed to the comfort of your audiences living room or office. All it takes is an internet connection and a device. Attendees interact in a virtual environment as opposed to a physical one such as an event venue.
A hybrid event allows you to deliver your event using a combination of online and physical. When restrictions lift it is likely you will have a mixed reaction from your attendees. Hybrid events are ideal as they allow you to run a physical event for those that prefer to attend in person. They also provide a virtual event for those who prefer to engage from the comfort of their home or office. They need a lot of coordination and prior planning. It’s important to ensure that both the virtual and physical audience are being engaged and interacting with the content.
What are the main types of virtual events?

1. Webinars

Webinars generally have a duration of 30mins-3hours. They involve one or many speakers presenting on a set topic. Attendees can generally engage with the presenter (send questions, answer polls) but can’t engage with the other attendees. They can be pre-recorded and accessible at any time or can be live.

2. Conferences 

Virtual conferences generally have a duration of half day to multi day events. These events involve many sessions, keynote speakers and breakout rooms. They tend to provide more community and interaction than a webinar. Attendees are able to engage not only with the presenter but also with other attendees. Conferences are a great opportunity to utilise a hybrid event. Some attendees are physically there and others are there on a virtual platform. Virtual conferences are run as live events. However the event may be recorded so that the business can share sessions at a later date.

3. Immersive Virtual Team Building

Something that employees (and humans in general!) have missed during lockdown is the feeling of being part of a team. Working from home arrangements can lead to employees feeling disconnected and isolated. Immersive team building events are designed to bridge this gap. They maximise the attention span of the virtual event attendee. These events generally have a duration of one to two hours and work best in smaller groups. Examples of these events include online trivia, cooking classes and yoga classes. For a more extensive list we have designed a packages to cater for Virtual Event Ideas.

Virtual Event Ideas
4. Internal Events 

Despite most offices working from home, there are still internal training and meetings. Internal Virtual Events include staff training, management meetings and team meetings. Internal events have different durations but most would last for one hour to one day. They are a great option for companies whose offices are widespread. Instead of flying your staff to one location, you can hold a hybrid event the other offices dial in.

5. External Events

Companies can’t afford to wait until restrictions end to hold product launches or sales events. External virtual events are held to attract attendees from other companies (B2B) or the general public (B2C) to attend. The purpose of these virtual events is to introduce a new product or to help sell a product or service. The duration on these events does vary but can be anywhere from one hour to one day. Some are held in webinar format, others need more audience input and collaboration. If your audience is widespread or you have “at risk” attendees, virtual events are perfect.

How can we help?
We have devised event solutions that enable you to run your event and meet your objectives.
Events Outsourced will meet with you to discuss your business and event objectives. Based on this we will develop a recommendations report. This report details how you can meet your event objectives and connect with key stakeholders. Once you have the report you have two options. You can choose to implement the recommendations in house. Or you can engage Events Outsourced to assist you with meeting your objectives.
Already planned your online event and would like some help to ensure it ticks all your boxes? Please reach out. We are available to provide advice on how to up-level your event. Or we can assist with just one element if required.
Alternatively we have a selection of ready made virtual event ideas. These are designed to connect and engage your online teams. The virtual event ideas work for groups of 10 to 500 people. All you need to do is select the activity and we will look after the rest. Oh and you might need to send us the team’s addresses (only for the events that involved a special delivery).
This is a difficult time for all of us. But there are opportunities to find new and interesting ways to work and connect. We are here to help! We have pulled together a blog called Top 5 things to consider when moving your event online. If you need some further advice please contact us on 02 8801 0040. We will assist you to make your next all event hit all of it’s targets.