How to run an Online or Hybrid Event and still meet your stakeholder expectation and event objectives.

In times of uncertainty, staying connected is more important than ever. Events have always been a fantastic way to do this and we think they still can be, but with a twist.

You will have a whole range of stakeholders including members, sponsors, speakers and suppliers who are feeling disconnected and unsure. Finding a way to keep things as normal as possible will help everyone.

Many businesses and organisations have made the decision at this point to postpone their events however this is a short-term solution to what is proving to be a long-term problem. How long is too long to postpone your event – 3months, 6months? With the uncertainty out there at the moment around how long this pandemic and its associated measures will last (especially those affecting events!), we believe now is the time to be innovative in looking at online events solutions.

Running an online event however isn’t just a matter of popping your speaker on a video call and hoping for the best. There are a range of things that need to be considered when planning an online event.

How can we help?

We have devised a solution that enables you to run your event and meet your objectives all done without the need to gather large groups of people in the one space.

Events Outsourced will meet with you (via Zoom or in person) to discuss your business and event objectives. Based on this we will develop a recommendations report that details how you can meet your objectives and continue to connect with your key stakeholders. From there you can choose to implement the recommendations in house or engage Events Outsourced to assist you with meeting your objectives.

This is a difficult time for all of us but there are opportunities to find new and interesting ways to work and connect. We are here to help! We have pulled together a blog called Top 5 things to consider when moving your event online. If you need some further advice please contact us on 02 8801 0040 or to discover how we can assist you to make your next online event hit all of it’s targets.


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