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*Are you an interstate company?

*Do you have clients or team based in NSW but don’t have an event specialist here?

*Do you want the option to have site inspections carried out in NSW on your behalf without you needing to travel?

Events Outsourced have introduced a unique offering called “NSW Event Partner”. We see it as a mix between using an events agency and a freelance/contract event manager. We can provide all of the below services in NSW on your behalf saving you time and travel expenses not to mention expanding your businesses potential.

If you have clients or team based in NSW and need some event specialised work taken care of then look no further than Events Outsourced. Think of us as an extension of your business – we can assist with all of these event elements (and more!) in a friendly, professional and productive manner. 

Provide Venue Recommendations

As an event manager it is impossible to know every single venue in Australia in any great detail, and if you are not from Sydney chances are you are not familiar with the local venues. Events Outsourced can assist you to determine the best venue options for your next event.

Provide a High Level of Service to your Clients

Have you ever considered opening a NSW office but you don’t have enough business in NSW to sustain this? Has one of your regular clients just expanded their scope to include NSW events? Events Outsourced can act as your “Sydney Office” offering your clients a very high level of service whilst saving you the costs of flying to NSW each time they hold an event. We are happy to maintain your company branding when client facing so that we are a true extension of your company, just based in NSW!

Conduct Site Visits

It doesn’t make financial sense to fly to each location every time a client would like to hold an event in another state. You need someone you can trust on the ground in that location to conduct a thorough site inspection on your behalf, providing you will detailed reports and photos/videos.

On Site Event Manager

Do your clients hold a small number of events in NSW however the event budget does not warrant flying a team member here to run the event? Events Outsourced can partner with you to be the on-site event manager at your NSW events, ensuring a high level of service and a more profitable margin for the event.

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