Corporate Event Planners 

Events Outsourced was founded by Celia Wouters who loved to organise and had a great eye for detail. Naturally gifted with a variety of talents, it took her a little while to decide on a career path. Starting out with a Diploma of Advertising and some work in an advertising agency led her to seek more variety and challenge. It was then that she sought out a career as a corporate event planner.


Completing her Diploma of Event Management while juggling full time work in the industry sums up the daily juggle that is her passion. 10years went by and she found herself with a well rounded view of all aspects of events. Over the years she has worked for an Events Agency managing clients events, a few years as Conference & Events Manager at a 4 star hotel and two positions as “in house” event manager. Following this, she realised that what she wanted most was the challenge of starting her own business.


And that’s where Events Outsourced was born!


Corporate Event Planners
Celia Wouters

Celia Wouters


“I formed this trusted event management agency in 2016 from my passion to create engaging and polished events. In the early days Events Outsourced was a “one-woman band” but has grown throughout the years. We now employ a team of events professionals who all share my passion for events.

Variety is definitely a key asset of the business. We engage clients from many industries. It’s not unusual for us to be running a 500-person conference one day, and a learn to ride community bike class on the next! Providing a flexible and personalised service to our clients, we aim to ensure that the events process is strategic yet stress free.”

 Celia’s favourite drink would definitely be a well made Lychee Mojito.


Celia’s LinkedIn Profile can be viewed here

Rebecca Narasimhan

Rebecca Narasimhan

Event Coordinator


Rebecca’s journey began in the world of aviation. She has taken her strong foundation in customer service and a knack for navigating high-pressure situations to the realm of event management! Transitioning seamlessly from the fast-paced airport to the intricacies of event planning.

In her spare time she enjoys a holistic approach to life and travelling with her husband and two daughters. Finding joy in new destinations and comfy hotels.

Rebecca’s favourite drink is a Mojito. It takes her straight back to her first solo trip to Mexico. Sitting on a sunlounger looking into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.


Jessica Gregan

Jessica Gregan

Event Manager

Meet Jess, our event enthusiast who has worked in the industry in Ireland, Canada, and now Australia. Jess is continually learning and developing her skills in the dynamic world of events. Her genuine passion is the driving force that keeps her energised, and, as if that weren’t enough, she’s got a cheeky toddler to keep her on her toes!


Jessica’s favourite drink would be gin & tonic with a splash of lime





We act with transparency, provide honest feedback and customer centric solutions and services.

Personalised Service

Our customers goals are paramount that’s why our systemised approach to Event Management is designed to meet their objectives.


Specialist Skills

We can do anything our clients want, because we actively partner, and build relationships with great specialist services, venues and products.


We invest in sustainable business practices to ensure we are building a mature business that gives back to its community.


Worry Free

Our clients can rely on our attention to detail and “great guest experience” approach for every event we manage for them.

Strategic Event Planning
At the heart of it, Events Outsourced are corporate event planners who care for our clients and our environment. Partnering with us will provide you with a strategic approach to events. With the additional bonus of knowing you are supporting a small business to succeed.


Contact us now to ensure your next event is both strategically driven and planned to perfection.



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