Incentive Event Management

Looking for a way to incentivise your staff?

Feeling like your current bonus scheme is no longer working?

Love the idea of running a travel incentive but stressed just thinking about the logistics?

Incentive Event Management involves rewarding high performing staff with an all expenses paid trip to a destination. These trips are often used by companies to provide motivation to meet sales targets and other business outcomes. Selecting the correct destination and activities whilst onsite is key to ensure the success of your incentive. Also known as company-paid travel experiences, incentives are reserved for top performers and work anniversary rewards. They are becoming increasingly popular as a motivational tool and can have an intrinsic employee loyalty effect. 


Some popular destinations for incentive trips are Fiji, New Zealand and Bali. Our director Celia has run successful incentive trips in Bali, Queenstown, Cairns/Port Douglas and Japan for a previous client.

The location you select will be impacted by many factors including budget, previous trip locations, number of attendees and the location of the attendees. For example you may find an amazing location that fits within your budget. However due to the location of your attendees would involve multiple flight layovers and days of travel. All of the above factors and more need to be considered to ensure that your incentive achieves all of the goals and expectations.

Please find below some elements of your incentive trip that we can look after. Or alternatively we can arrange the whole thing for you!

Incentive Activity Planning
Activity Planning & Coordination

Everyone has arrived at the destination. Whilst they may be excited to be visiting that location, the most important part of the incentive is the activities they will be doing while they are there. There can be many activities to choose from but you only have so many hours in a day. It’s important that you ensure you are not “overworking” your attendees. Firstly we would look at the outcomes set for the incentive. We then ensure that the schedules and activities match with those outcomes.

Group Accommodation

Each hotel has a different code system for their room types. When you start looking at large groups it can be difficult to keep track of room type allocation and shared rooms etc. Something that can be easily overlooked on a hotel rooming list can lead to big issues when the attendees arrive. They may not have been allocated the correct room – or even worse haven’t been allocated a room at all! We will pull together the rooming list for your incentive and ensure that the hotel’s copy matches your allocations. Especially throughout the multiple changes that occur in the lead-up to an incentive!

Incentive Group Accommodation
Incentive Transfer Management

Transfer Coordination

Transfers are especially relevant for incentive trips. Often the attendees will be arriving on different flights, from a multitude of locations. Our job is to ensure we get everyone to the hotel in the smoothest and most cost effective method. This applies not only to airport transfers but also to group movements during the event. This element is extremely important to manage well, especially when you are looking at a large group. 

Registration/Invitation Management

Registration for incentives is not as simple as collecting their name and email address. There is often high volumes of information you need to collect. You also need to have the ability to export the information to assist you with the planning process. Contact details are just the beginning. You need to track flights, transfers, travel documentation and much more! We can look after the registration process of your incentive on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Incentive Registration

If you would like to discuss some possible locations for your companies next incentive trip please contact us! We love to reward those stellar members of your organisation whose efforts deserve a special treat!

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Pamela Ferry

Vice President Pacific Region, LifeVantage