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We engage your team, build morale and most importantly increase a connection culture through immersive online events.
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No More Zoom Fatigue
No More Zoom Fatigue

No More Zoom Fatigue

Immersive online events are not your stock-standard Zoom calls which cause people to become disengaged & experience “Zoom Fatigue”. These events ensure that your team all feel part of the experience, allowing them to engage all of their senses as they would in a regular in-person event.

Many of our event options include specialised event packages, sent to the homes of your remote working team prior to the event. The items included in these packages will allow your teams to engage fully with the event rather than simply sit and watch.

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Simply jump online and enjoy the event along with your team. We facilitate the sessions and send you reporting following the event.

A Selection Of Our Events




Lights, Camera, Action 




Online Wine &
Cheese Tasting

Online Cooking

Online Trivia

Online Cocktail
Making Masterclass

Online Escape
Room Experience

Online Yoga

Online Go Game

Online Drawing &
Wine Class

Have a unique idea for your own immersive online event? Get in touch and let us make it a reality

On behalf of LifeVantage Australia, we contract Events Outsourced for every Australia wide event and International Incentive.

When engaging EO you can trust that your event is in the best hands in the business. Events Outsourced provide an excellent, seamless service. They go beyond the average. We always know that with Events Outsourced on board, our event will be in executed with precision.

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We are the one-stop shop for a wide range of immersive online event options, perfect for engaging your team.
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