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Gala Dinners & Christmas Parties can be elegant and lavish affairs however they need a very high level of attention to detail and can be a lot of work to arrange. RSVP coordination, venue and catering management, theme design and entertainment coordination are just a few elements that are vitally important to a well executed event. 

Events Outsourced would love to assist you with your next gala dinner or Christmas party – we can help with one element (such as RSVP management) or we can help you to plan the entire event. From seating plans, venue & supplier management to entertainment – we have it all covered. We have also written a blog with some unique Christmas Party ideas for you. 

Charge the glasses and lets toast to a seamless event! These are the words every event manager wants to hear but often it is far from the truth – from catering issues to unregistered guests, Gala Dinners have a lot of potential issues that can arise. Let Events Outsourced help remove those risks and ensure a stress-free event!

Venue Selection & Management

Social functions such as Gala Dinners and Christmas parties can make finding a suitable venue difficult. It is not just about finding a venue that will hold the desired number of people for your event, you also need to consider elements such as ease of access, restrictions for curfew, restrictions on allowed suppliers and difficulty in finding available dates -the list is endless. Once you have selected the venue there is the added stress of ensuring you can make it fit with your budget and requirements. We can assist with all elements of venue selection and negotiation to ensure your next Gala Dinner or Christmas Party is the talk of the town.


Registration or ticketing is a key element of a Gala Dinner or Christmas Party as you need to be able to determine how many people you will be serving. The way in which you handle on arrival registration is equally important at these types of events as being made to wait for an extended period of time when you arrive does not provide the attendee with a favourable view of the event. Events Outsourced will work with you to determine the best method of registration and check in to ensure your attendees feel the VIP treatment.


Onsite Conference Manager

Running around at the event in a ballgown or tuxedo, trying to mix and mingle with the attendees at the same time as chasing up the venue to begin food service is a delicate balance that not many people can perfect. With Events Outsourced onsite at your next Gala Dinner or Christmas Party you can relax and enjoy the evening you have created as well as spending valuable time with your colleagues and clients.

Supplier Selection & Negotiation

When it comes to a Gala Dinner or Christmas party often Audio Visual and Theming are your key suppliers. Both elements can add up to large amounts very quickly and it is easy to lose sight of your desired goals for the evening in a flurry of fabric and lighting effects. Events Outsourced will work with you match up your overall event outcomes with the stunning effects that these suppliers can provide to ensure your next event “Wows” your attendees and your stakeholders equally.

Assistance with “Show Flow”

There is a reason that the Oscars has the “cut off” music that plays when an award winner has been on stage too long. If you don’t want your audience to fall asleep in their lavish dinners you need to ensure that you plan the evening to allow for a comfortable mix of entertainment and Awards. In order to make each awardee feel like the VIP treatment it is a delicate balance and working with Events Outsourced will make getting the right balance clearer.

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