Technology plays a such a critical role in modern corporate event management. The way we plan, execute and experience events has transformed through the lens of event technology. What is it that you want to introduce to your business? Better marketing platforms, registration and ticket management or overall event planning? Outlined below some key areas in which technology has significant impact. It’s also where we should keep up skilling to maintain knowledge and understanding of this modern world.


Event planning and organisation

Event planning has transformed with the use of technology. There is a world of event management software and online platforms available. They offer features such as; task management, budget planning, vendor management, registrations and attendee coordination. These tools simplify the entire process for event organisers and ensure all aspects of the event are covered. A good example of an event planning software that can help transform your events is Cvent.


Registration and ticketing

Technology plays such an important part in this area. Online registration and ticketing systems enable participants to sign up for events, pay for tickets, receive confirmation and event reminder information. All done and managed electronically. This helps save on time and administration for organisers and attendees. It also assists organisers track and analyse data for event reporting and future event planning. Some low cost examples of event registration platforms are Eventbrite, Floktu and Humanitix.


Event Promotion and Marketing

There’s a large range of online channels now which can assist in marketing and promoting events. The different platforms include social media platforms, email marketing tools, event management software. They can be set up to capture in-depth data for events. Event organisers can use the software to track data and the effectiveness of their promotional leads.  It can also help target certain audiences.


Event mobile Apps

Organisers now have the ability to personalise and create a unique experience for attendees. Event apps help attendees to interact with others and share aspects of the event information in live time. This includes maps, transport, live weather updates, speaker/entertainment information, itineraries. The list goes on. Event organisers have the ability to engage with their attendees and create a networking platform pre and post event.


Live Streaming and Virtual events

Technology has changed the way we do events. Live streaming and virtual events have taken off over the past couple of years due to the pandemic. The advance in event technology has enabled event organisers to create events on many different platforms. It also allows us to connect with in person and virtual audiences simultaneously. Creating space for more connections and networking opportunities all around the world. Hybrid events really came into the limelight as we came out of the pandemic but remain a viable option. They enable companies to reduce travel costs while also providing an option for time poor individuals to still attend key events.


Event Analytics and Insights

Event technology gives event organisers valuable data which they are able to use for future planning. This increases the overall event performance. Analysing data assists us to see where there can be some improvement. It helps us to understand aspects of the event from start to finish. It creates space to enhance future events with knowledge and insight.


Event production and AV

Event production has enhanced allowing thoughtful planning and execution to elevate an event. Create an inspiring experience using tools such as high-definition projectors, LED screens, immersive sound systems and lighting solutions to create captivating experiences. The event production manager will work with presenters, AV crew and event technology vendors to deliver unique live experiences.



Seeking the right technology and solutions helps to deliver valuable insights and knowledge. Technology improves the efficiency and event experience. It empowers event managers to create successful and impactful events. Allow Events Outsourced to show you how to best manage your event and enhance your current event technology platforms.