Looking to plan a fundraising event but don’t want it to end up cancelled due to Covid?
Unsure what the public health orders will be at the time of the event?
Trying to find an option that is flexible and easy yet still allows for most funds raised?
Fundraising event planning can be time consuming. Events are also often competing with other priorities for volunteer’s time. It’s difficult to find a solution that is both easy to plan/run and also capable of raising a decent amount of money. Add to that the fact that the majority of fundraising events are run as in-person events. It means that all your time and effort could be wasted if public health orders determine that the event cannot proceed

Fundraising Trivia

Events Outsourced are very familiar with what is needed to plan and execute a successful fundraising event. We have a background in fundraising events and a passion to help our local community. This is why we have developed a fundraising event opportunity that can quickly and easily switch from in-person to virtual. This makes it a “Covid-proof” option. 
Our Virtual Trivia packages have been working really well for businesses and teams during the lockdown. Trivia is an activity that all ages can take part in. Questions are easily relatable to various subject matters. So this led us to design this not-for-profit exclusive offer Fundraising Trivia.
The system that we have implemented allows us to effortlessly switch between virtual and in-person. And our team are just as flexible. The trivia package has been priced in a way to ensure minimum costs to the organiser. While taking away the stress of working out questions and scoring the game.
Contact us now to get planning on your next stellar fundraising event! 


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Events Outsourced love to work on fundraising events as we understand the importance of community and supporting others. Contact us to find out how we can ensure your next fundraising event is easy and stress-free for your team while raising much needed funds!
Events Outsourced are fabulous to work with. The consummate professionals they provide event support that is detailed, strategic and creative. We have worked together for a few years now and I can not speak highly enough of the great work they do.
Deb Lemcke

Owner, The Launch Box