Looking for event guidance but have no budget to outsource your event management?
Feel like you are spending too much time planning your events?
Looking for an unbiased review of your company’s event procedures?
At Events Outsourced we understand that not every business can afford to hire an Event Management agency to run their events for them. We also know that a lot of businesses don’t hold enough events to warrant hiring an internal event manager. But this role is often assigned to someone with little to no event training. 
This is where our Event Consulting program can benefit you. Often all it takes is for someone to come in, review your current procedures and provide advice on how to improve those procedures. And in turn improve your events!
Event Consulting
How does an event consult work?
Events Outsourced provide this resource through our “Event Consulting” packages. Our Director Celia Wouters will come to your office and review your event procedures. This generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the scale of events you are currently holding. We will run through all your current event processes. From planning to execution to determine which areas would benefit from improvement. This is a completely confidential process and can be done one-on-one or with your team.
Following this review, we will compile a report providing our recommendations. The report will document the potential improvements in your event procedures. Implementing these changes will save you time and money. As well as making your next event seamless. Additionally, Events Outsourced will supply event document templates, such as checklists and run sheets. These can be used to plan your future events. 
Our Blog also includes some great free event tips and tricks – click here to visit our Blogs page. 

Event Consulting packages are $600 and include the initial consultation as well as the written report and event templates.

I highly recommend Events Outsourced for your next event. I have worked with them on several events, including one very big project. Celia & her team have fantastic attention to detail and exceptional project management skills. Not only that, Celia also has a strategic focus and is great at looking at the bigger picture and providing ideas to boost your business. She is easy to deal with and gets along well with everyone.

Caroline Bagga

Owner, Hills District Business Mums