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The Socially Distanced Easter Egg Hunt 2021

Looking for Covid Safe ways to engage your community this Easter?
Trying to introduce a healthy family/work balance in your teams?
Determined not to let Covid ruin yet another Easter? 

 Easter Hunt 2021

2021 is the year to stop waiting for the Covid nightmare to be over and start looking at fresh new ideas. How can we incorporate the restrictions into everyday life? Easter 2020 was spent in lockdown for so many. We wanted to introduce a package that would allow for communities and families to engage in a Covid-Safe Easter event.
The Socially Distanced Easter Egg Hunt 2021 is a fun and safe way to celebrate Easter. Attendees are given an Easter worksheet to complete. They are challenged to use hidden tags within the common areas of your community or workplace (Parks, Break Rooms, Foyers etc) to solve the riddle. Once complete, they bring their Secret Code to the designated Easter Collection Point to claim their goodies.
This activity can be completed individually or as a group meaning it is perfect for team building or family fun days.
Don’t let the health restrictions stop you from engaging with your team or community. In times of uncertainty humans crave connection. Provide that connection in a fun and safe way which also instills a sense of community.
The Socially Distanced Easter Egg Hunt packages start from $600 for groups of up to 50pax and include an Easter treat for each attendee. For a personalised quote please contact Events Outsourced.

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