Community Events

Developers, local council and other government departments utilise community events to develop and maintain strong relationships within their communities. These events can take many different forms. From special occasion themed events (Easter, Christmas) to skills based events (opportunities to learn new skills) and cultural events (such as Diwali).

Events Outsourced will assess the demographics of the community (we use .ID ). We then use this information, along with a full site inspection and further research into the area, to form a calendar of events. This calendar will assist the organisation to utilise community events to form strong and lasting bonds. We aim to create a balance of large “signature” events and regularly scheduled events to ensure consistency. Doing so allows attendees multiple opportunities to connect and form relationships.

A lot of community events are restricted by the availability of venues in the local area. For this reason a lot of the events are held outdoors, whether that be in the local park or open green space. The last thing you want is for an event to be “rained out” or otherwise cancelled because of weather – please read our Blog on Wet Weather Backup Plans to ensure you are covered in the event of bad weather. 

Below is an infographic which shows the key elements that need to be considered when planning a community event. Events Outsourced love organising these events as we understand the importance of community and belonging. Contact us to work with you on your next event. 

Community Events Infographic

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