Community Events

Developers, local council and other government departments utilise community events to develop and maintain strong relationships within their communities. Community events can take many different forms, from special occasion themed events (Easter, Christmas) to skills based events (opportunities to learn new skills) and cultural events (such as Diwali).

Events Outsourced will assess the demographics of the community (we use .ID ) and use this information along with a full site inspection and further research into the area to form a calendar of events. This calendar will assist the organisation to utilise community events to form strong and lasting bonds.

A lot of community events are restricted by the availability of venues in the local area. For this reason a lot of the events are held outdoors, whether that be in the local park or open green space. The last thing you want is for an event to be “rained out” or otherwise cancelled because of weather – please read our Blog on Wet Weather Backup Plans to ensure you are covered in the event of bad weather. 


Community events are a key element to ensure a community forms strong and lasting bonds. However this is not a “one size fits all” approach. Events Outsourced assess the demographics of the community and utilise existing and new research to determine exactly which types of events will work best for your particular community. 

Venue Selection & Management

Community Events are often held in a park or other council owned area which requires significant paperwork and environmental plans. Events Outsourced can take care of these applications on your behalf saving you valuable time.

Registration & Event Promotion

There is nothing worse than putting the time, effort and budget into a community event only for the turnout rate to be poor. Events Outsourced can assist with sourcing cost effective or free registration options and assist with sourcing avenues to promote the event.


Strategic Planning

We don’t just hold events for the sake of holding events (although they are a lot of fun!). Each event needs to have a purpose, a set of outcomes by which to measure its success. We work with community groups to determine what need we are addressing with each event and the best ways to measure the success of the project. We also look at the demographic of the attendees to ensure that all elements of the event are targeted at the correct people.

Supplier Selection & Negotiation

When running community events often the budget will not be huge. This means that supplier selection and negotiation is even more important as you want to ensure you can fit as many elements into the limited budget as possible. Events Outsourced have a network of suppliers and have the negotiation skills to ensure that you receive the best deal for your next event.

Community Group Coordination

Often a community events biggest attribute is a strong community group who will support the event and encourage others to attend. Events Outsourced can work with the local community group/s to encourage participation and garner volunteer networks.


Onsite Event Manager

Running events can be a very stressful job. All of the suppliers who you rely on to ensure your event runs smoothly as well as ensuring the overall safety and satisfaction of all attendees. Events Outsourced take away that stress for you by being on site at your event and taking care of every detail, often thinking outside the box to fix potential issues before they even occur.

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