Looking for alternative Christmas party ideas?

Not sure how to reward your employees and maintain social distancing?

Don’t waste hours trying to think up Christmas party ideas that comply with Covid restrictions. Or even worse, plan an event that turns into a “Super-Spreader” event! Use our handy list to plan an event that will be remembered as the only awesome thing to come out of 2020.


Option One – Virtual Wine & Cheese Tasting

Enjoy the experience of wine and cheese tasting from the comfort of your own home! Virtual Wine & Cheese tastings are a fantastic option for an immersive online event. This event allows you to bond with your team without any social distancing concerns. The wine and cheese is sent directly to your attendees homes and then everyone jumps on a video call with the sommelier for the tasting.


Option Two – Private and intimate event

Consider this a socially distanced but in-person Christmas party at a venue. At this stage, most states restrictions will mean this will need to be a sit down function. You will need to plan smaller numbers at each table and no dancing. This option will work well if you have a smaller business or can split the Christmas party into smaller events for specific teams. Make sure to add some entertainment to ensure the room still has atmosphere without the mingling.


Option Three – Virtual Lights Camera Action

Let your team tell their story through the bright lights of Hollywood. Lights, Camera, Action is a fast paced, creative challenge for small and large teams. Participants will be guided through all aspects of film over 3 x 90-minute action packed workshops. They will write, design, produce and perform in their very own short films.

This is an unforgettable opportunity to make memories, promote corporate storytelling, improve communication skills and build creative confidence. Add a Christmas theme and you have a fun and powerful day of team building while creating authentic content around change, brand and strategy.

Option Four – Online Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun way to encourage your employees to get to know more about their colleagues. The concept of Secret Santa can be a little difficult when everyone is working from home. This is where online Secret Santa comes in. Instead of bringing the gift into the workplace, employees are asked to mail their gift to their colleague. (E-Gift cards and donations work well for employees who do not wish to disclose their address to their colleagues) On the designated day all employees join a video call and each person opens their gift live on the call.


Option Five – Virtual Trivia  

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition amongst co-workers? A virtual trivia competition is an entertaining Christmas party option that can cater for both small and large groups. Utilising our virtual trivia event, you can even personalise the questions to particular topics and even add branded questions that suit your group’s interests. Add on an Uber Eats voucher and your employees can enjoy a delicious meal and be entertained all from the safety of their home.


Option Six – Virtual Santa Visit

Many companies now run “family friendly” Christmas parties to encourage employees to get to know each other and involve their families. As Santa is a little restricted with his event outings this year, he is offering virtual visits for Events Outsourced clients. Santa can provide updates on what’s happening at the North Pole, deliver personalised messages and read Santa Letters live as well as using his elves to assist with running some Christmas themed games. Combine this with a Christmas themed trivia session and some Uber Eats vouchers and you have a family friendly work Christmas party option that everyone will enjoy!


Option Seven – Show me the money/gifts

If all of the above are put in the “too hard” basket right now, it may be an option to sub out your Christmas Party this year. Some companies may select to instead provide their employees with a Christmas bonus or a special gift to show your appreciation for their efforts during a difficult year. Aim to allocate the same amount per person that you would usually spend on the Christmas Party to ensure that your employees don’t feel unappreciated.


Whichever option you choose, we recommend ensuring all attendees are clear on the restrictions and special requirements. Ultimately the event organiser and the venue are responsible for the actions of the guests. Make sure your guests know what to expect and everyone will be happy.


Events Outsourced have run all of the above Christmas party options for clients. We can provide affordable event management assistance that makes everything easy. Contact us today to discuss options and get a personalised quote for a spectacular party that will see 2020 out with a bang!